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Behind the Business with Cory Budovitch of Budovitch Legacy Planning

Posted by: Jesse Wallace June 15, 2015

Many people might get the impression that working in the financial industry is dry. But far from being a maze of numbers, charts, lists, and spreadsheets, shaping a financial future is best achieved thorough a keen understanding of the psychology of the individual.

For Cory Budovitch of Budovitch Legacy Planning, the key to a successful client relationship lies in understanding more than just the financial goals – it means learning the underlying passions of the person, the lifestyle preferences, the dreams. Cory happens to be very good at recognizing these motivations of his clients, so mutual success has been in abundance. And because his clients tend to be the ultra-elite, high net-worth individuals that demand results, the success of Budovitch Legacy Planning has allowed Cory – a family man at heart – to realize the lifestyle he himself dreamed of. An invitation to hang out with LeBron James in Miami? Well, maybe Cory didn’t even dream of that.

We interviewed Mr. Budovitch and discussed his unique approach to financial planning. And just a note to anyone thinking of starting a business, regardless of the industry – make sure you read carefully the answer to the last question. You might even print it out and keep it on hand.


So what is Budovitch Legacy Planning? What do you do and who are your customers?

"We are a Financial Advisory Firm. We are in the business of helping successful entrepreneurs and business owners, minimize the tax they pay on investments, manage their risk, create wealth and solve taxation problems. Our clients are very unique people in positions of power that, as a result of their hard work, have created a lot of wealth. We work to maintain and grow that wealth by, among other techniques, saving millions in taxes.

Our focus is always on people and creating value – the income we earn is a direct correlation to the amount of value we can create in our clients’ lives."


What made you decide to be a financial advisor?

"I chose this path because I love to help people, I always have. I’ve always found it fascinating to create alternative solutions to solve problems and think outside the box. I studied economics and psychology at school, but I have learned the most through my own research in social behaviour. I am constantly trying to learn new things and understand the human psyche to better understand the needs of my clients.

A lot of my education was self-taught, I acted as a group leader for a transformational organization and taught people how to create successful outcomes in their life. I was not someone who excelled at school, but I discovered that I had a passion for learning about what makes people successful and how successful people act, think and define their lives.

I took the time to educate myself on the traits, and habits of individuals who created their own success and then incorporated that into my own life and business."


They say that to be successful you have to be passionate, so share what drives you every day?

"I am a passionate person, and what drives me is to be the best in my industry in what I do. I am competitive and was taught at an early age that it’s important to always try your hardest and to aim to be the best at what you do. I see the value in making investments in yourself – so much so that I have several coaches that help me define my own goals and stay focused on being the best advisor for my clients.

I love to help my client’s set-up smart financial solutions that will help them earn money and provide a strong financial foundation for their families. I started out from humble beginnings, and limited resources to start my organization and relied on relationship to build the firm I have today. The great Tony Robbins always said “People are your greatest resource” and I couldn’t agree more.

All business is designed to solve a problem – the more effectively you can solve the problem, the more income you can generate."


Has it been smooth sailing or have you overcome adversity to get where you are?

"Like any business owner I have had to overcome my fair share of adversity. I started my business from nothing, and had to create and define my own client base. When I first started out I was sleeping on my dad’s couch in a small condo, and now my business is producing over seven figures in revenue. Thanks to our loyal and trusting clients, we were able to create a solid Firm that leverages relationships and continues to grow."


We all know that crazy happens. What’s the wildest thing that’s happened on the job?

"I honor my client’s confidentiality and can’t necessarily say the crazy things that have happened to me. After meeting with me and seeing my work ethic and strong knowledge base, many clients have offered me jobs to run their businesses. I receive requests to get involved in businesses as an investor and an advisor on a weekly basis. Many of my clients live very extravagant lifestyles so I’m privileged to experience some really amazing opportunities. I’ve been invited to film festival parties with big-time stars, PGA Tour Pro-am golf tournaments and some incredible experiences like the NBA finals. Over the years, many of my clients have become close friends so I get to share these amazing experiences with people whom I respect and value as trusted members of my inner circle."


What do you do with all your time off? Are you familiar with that concept?

"I try to take planned time-off, which is strategic so I can enjoy myself and decompress as I work very hard during the year. I usually take vacations with my family and friends about 6-8 times a year, but I am always thinking about new ways to develop my business and help my clients. I spend a lot of time with clients and friends attending sporting events (I have season seats for Leafs, Raptors, and Blue Jays) and playing golf at my golf course. Golf is a true passion of mine and it’s my form of therapy, but it also allows me to socialize with my clients and buddies. I act as a panelist for several golf magazines that rank golf courses, and this allows me to explore the architecture, design and routing of golf courses across North America."

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