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Frequency Asked Questions

From time to time we are asked many questions about how a professional should approach their legacy planning.  We thought it would be help to post common questions and provide answers or links to helpful sources.


If you have a question you would like us to answer,  contact me directly and I will make sure you get the right answer. 

So what is Budovitch Legacy Planning? What do you do and who are your customers?

"We are a Financial Advisory Firm. We are in the business of helping successful independent professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners, minimize the tax they pay on investments, better manage their risk, create wealth and solve unique taxation problems. Our clients are very unique people in positions of power that, as a result of their hard work, have created a lot of wealth. We work to ensure they maintain and grow that wealth by, among other techniques, saving millions in taxes."

Below are aa number of public resources available on the subjects of Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Tax Information and links to Government Programs


  • Estimate Request for Canada Pension Plan
  • Application for Canada Pension Plan
  • Application for Old Age Security




  • Passport Application- Adult
  • Passport Application – Child
  • Passport – Renewal
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