Your Legacy Plan needs to be protected

No matter what your age, health or current situation, there are multiple insurance solutions available that can positively impact your legacy plan.  And should anything happen to you, rest assured that the solution will help protect your loved ones, your estate and your business. The challenge to this is what is the right choice?  The range of providers and choices available, can be an overwhelming experience, often leaving the insured, in doubt as to the recommendations that you are being provided.

At Budovitch Legacy Planning, we provide you with the clarity required, to make the right choices; we give you certainty in the outcome that you seek for your legacy plan and most importantly, provide you with the comfort and security of being totally in control of your Legacy Plan.  Our commitment will be to serve you as the custodian of your legacy plan, as part of our Concierge™ Services.

The majority of individual life insurance solutions, are considered to be permanent policies. Permanent or cash value-based, life insurance policies, are designed to provide the policy holder with an accumulation of savings funds within the policy, using a portion of the premiums paid. Permanent insurance provides some very significant advantage, with a key value being access to cash funds, if required.

Learn more about Budovitch Legacy Planning Permanent Life Insurance solutions which include:

  • Guaranteed Interest Rates
  • Lifetime Coverage
  • Tax Deferred Cash Value
  • Creditor Protection
  • Guaranteed Premiums

For those clients seeking certainty in the valuation of their Legacy Plan, Whole Life insurance applies a policy premium that remains constant for the entire time period, the policy is being held. Premium fees, change over time according to a number of factors. 
Premiums can be higher in the beginning of the policy and decrease over time, as the policy and the policy holder ages, or the amount of premiums paid in the early years, will lower future payments and in some cases, present an excellent option, when needs change at the retirement stage of the policy holder.  
Contact us to learn more about Budovitch Legacy Planning Whole Life Insurance solutions, which include:
  • Participating Whole LIfe
  • Non-Participating Whole Life

A Universal Life program, is a more flexible alternative to Permanent Life insurance. Universal Life insurance, allows you to make changes to the policy at any time. Universal Life, also has the added benefit of providing you with cash that will accumulate in a tax-deferred manner, throughout the life of the policy. The flexibility allows you to increase, decrease and even skip premium payments.
As a policy holder, you would be required to maintain the premium payments for a pre-defined period. You also have the option to increase the death benefit, or decrease it as necessary. It is important to understand that the cash value of a universal policy is not guaranteed. A Universal Life policy, could be considered as an investment option within an investment portfolio, as the cash value is adjusted according to the performance of the particular investments.
Learn more about Budovitch Legacy Planning Universal Life Insurance solutions that include: 
  • Flexible Premiums
  • Guaranteed Cash value
  • Tax-Deferred Growth
  • Creditor Protection
  • Tax Free Withdrawal
  • Flexible Benefits
  • Death Benefits

One of most overlooked forms of insurance, are policies specifically designed to support extraordinary needs in the event of a critical health event.
Premiums may change over time, according to a number of factors.  Disability requirements, critical illness, health and well-being solutions, are all available to replace income, contribute cash flow or supplement existing provider programs, that may not cover additional needs such as home nursing, personal support or care for a loved one.

Learn more about Budovitch Legacy Planning Critical Health Insurance solutions which include:

  • Health + Well-Being.
  • Disability Requirements
  • Critical Illness

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