"Our Philosophy is very simple.. Do what is expected"
We help incorporated professionals and private business owners establish a plan that brings clarity to their financial decisions, certainty in the outcomes and control in knowing their legacy will prevail.
The end goal is a secure, strong financial future achieved through the use of astute and informed evidence-based wealth creation and preservation strategies.
Budovitch Legacy Planning operates on four central tenets, and in our eyes, these are non-negotiable when it comes to our clients.
  • Clarity.  Presenting all proven options so you can make the right choices
  • Commitment.  A complete service dedicated to the management of your legacy plan
  • Certainty.  Decisions based on evidence and not opinion
  • Control.  Knowing that your legacy isn’t pre-packaged, but instead, it’s built specifically with you in mind. 


Every legacy is complex and any shifts in the economy could adversely affect you. As we build your legacy strategy, we make sure that everything is clear and that you understand where your money is going and why it is the right choice.

The last thing you need is to spend your limited time worrying about your finances and what’s going to happen to you once you retire. Thinking about your retirement should be something that gives you relief not anxiety.



You've often heard the statement, "here today, gone tomorrow".  Promises, regardless of intention, fade quickly once you move from prospect to client. This happens too often, and as such, Budovitch Legacy Planning fully commits to the needs of all of our clients. Our commitment to continuously serve is how we bring lasting value and make sure your legacy remains healthy regardless of outside factors. 


 Our clients are your peers.  Hear what they think of our services. 

You deserve to feel certain that your finances and legacy are in the right hands, hands that can guide you to retirement and protect your family in the event of tragedy.

Every high earning Canadian is constantly faced with a ton of financial products and choices. It’s a minefield where one wrong decision can cost you dearly. On top of all this, there are conflicting opinions coming at you from all sides.

Your legacy should leave no room for doubt.

At Budovitch Legacy Planning, we will educate you on all your options, and present fact based recommendations only, bringing certainty to every decision you make.



As the custodian of our client's legacy plans, Budovitch Legacy Planning provides knowledge, honesty and diligence so that you are always in control of your financial future. We do this with our signature Concierge Service™, a comprehensive service program that is offered exclusively to every client, without any monthly or annual charges.

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